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Authentic Mexican Food

At Jalapeño Bar and Grill, we serve delicious, authentic Mexican food made with the highest quality ingredients. Try one of our special margaritas made from scratch while you wait for your meal. We guarantee we’ll be your new favorite place for great food and a good time.

A Message from the Owner of Jalapeño Bar and Grill

My name is Sophia Martinez, and I am happy to properly introduce myself. As the owner of Jalapeño Bar and Grill, it makes sense that I am a person who loves food. When cooking for myself, I always choose the highest quality products, such as fresh produce and quality cut meats and seafood. I extend this same mindset to my restaurant by offering the best service and most delicious Mexican food made with quality ingredients. 

I have spent three years gaining experience and learning from the best at La Guadalupana Mexican Restaurant in Britt, IA, and I am bringing those lessons to Jalapeño Bar and Grill. I intend to keep watchful supervision over my staff to ensure every customer receives the absolute best service possible. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Arroz con Pollo / Rice and Chicken 
Guadalajara Special

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For more information about our menu or restaurant location, don’t hesitate to call Jalapeño Bar and Grill. Located in Wright County, we pride ourselves on having some of the best margaritas and Mexican food in the region!

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